Creating Product

  1. To add a new product, go to Manufacturing -> Product
  2. Click on the Add button, it will open a popup,
  3. Choose Product: select the product for which you want to add a product
  4. Copy from product: (optional) choose the product whose product will be copied to the chosen product. You can use this option to quickly copy a product from another product & make small changes as required.
  5. Add all ingredients/raw materials, wastage percentage & final quantity.
    The wastage percentage mentioned here is wastage for the raw ingredients which happens when the ingredient is cleaned, for example in cabbage some % is wasted when leaves & stems are removed. If the raw materials you’re using don’t have wastage you can keep it 0 %, which is the default.
    Raw Ingredients: Raw ingredients are taken from the list of products. You can mark a raw ingredient as “Not For Sale” if it is not used for selling individually. For example, Some Raw ingredients like butter can be sold, some cannot be.
  6. Wastage %:  Enter the wastage for the final product which can happen because of bad quality or other reasons.
  7. Total Output Quantity: Output quantity for which you entered the product.
  8. Production Cost: Check the production cost as described below.
  9. Product Instructions: Steps to be followed for the production of the final product from ingredients.

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