Add Sale

Selling (Add Sale Screen), Final, Draft, Quotations & Proforma Invoice.

Go to – Sell -> Add Sale

Selecting Customer:

By default, there is “Walk-In Customer”. You can search for a customer by name/customer id or phone number or can add a new customer by clicking the plus (+) button “Add Customer”.

Select Invoice Status

Select invoice status from the Status dropdown list.

Searching & Adding Product:

Enter Product Name Or scan the barcode to search the product. If multiple products are matched then it displays the dropdown of products, selects the product from it.

Changing Product Price, Tax & Discount for a product

  • After the products get added, enter to product quantity, price, tax, discounts, warranty & note.

NOTE: Option for different tax in products will be shown only if Inline tax is enabled. You can enable it from Business Settings -> Tax -> Enable Inline Tax in the purchase and sell

Selecting Lot number for a product

  •  If lot number is enabled then it will show the option to select lot number. (Enabling Lot number)

Selecting Expiry for a product

  • Expiry Date: If the expiry date is enabled then it will show the option to select lot number.  (Enabling expiry)

Add Invoice Discount & Invoice Order Tax:

Add Shipping Details, Shipping Charge and Status:

Add Payment:

Enter the payment amount, select payment method, and select payment account. If the total payable amount and Add payment -> Amount is the same, then this invoice is automatically paid or Add payment -> Amount = 0 then automatically due or same amount receive then the status Partial.

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